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E Tex Spunlace Water Soluble Non Woven Fabrics

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E Tex Spunlace Water Soluble Non Woven Fabrics
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Patented Eco-friendly Wipe Cloth Material (Patent No. 146842).
The E-Tex spunlace water-soluble non-woven is highly absorbent and is resistant to bacteria, mold, acid and base, and organic solvents, which make it an exceptional material for wipe cloth. The special spunlace process makes the fabric pliable but strong. E-Tex is unique because after using, it can be dissolved in boiling water without toxicity, odor, and color. This prevents secondary pollution and eliminates waste disposal problems.
1. Different grades of E-Tex spunlace non-woven are soluble in various water temperatures: (1) Grade A: Soluble at 70°C ~80°C. (2) Grade B: Soluble in at 95°C (currently the recommended grade). 2. Applications : (1) Wipe cloth for electronic products. (2) Wipe cloth for optical applications. (3) Wipe cloth for leather products. (4) Wipe cloth for print drums. (5) Sterilized towel: using its anti-bacterial properties and resistance to organic solvents, acids and bases, the fabric can be directly soaked in alcohol or antiseptics. After using, the fabric can be collected, boiled, and disposed. (6) Wet-type wipe cloth for medical, biochemical, and chemical laboratories applications: Its anti-bacterial properties and resistance to acids .

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