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E Tex Water Soluble Nonwoven Fabrics

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E Tex Water Soluble Nonwoven Fabrics
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Manufactured using special fibers, E-Tex is non-toxic, odorless, colorless, and non-pollutant when dissolved. E-Tex is manufactured in environment-friendly process from raw materials to the finished product.
The different grades of E-Tex water-soluble non-woven, S9, S7, S6, and S4, may be dissolved in water at high, medium, and room temperatures to satisfy your every need.
1. E-Tex S-4 Room Temperature Water Soluble Non-woven. 2. Soluble in water at 40°C room temperature. 3. Applications: (1) High-grade detailed and multi-colored embroidered ground cloth. (2) Metallic gold and silver embroidered ground cloth. (3) Packaging material for agricultural chemicals. (4) Packaging material for family-use detergent powder. 4. Weight: 35g/m ~ 80g/m. 5. Width: 45" up. 6. Length: (special width: can be processed by strips). 7. Dissolving Temperature:35°C ~ 40°C . 8. Note: Store in well-ventilated area with temperature below 25°C to prevent product from dissolving.

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