Wirop Steel Wire Rope Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Wirop Steel Wire Rope Co., Ltd. is a steel wire rope manufacture and our products have been exporting to U.S.A over 25 years with good reputation. "Wirop" is a symbol of quality aircraft cable, inner control wire, and fine wire rope with a diameter smaller than 1/2" (included) as per MIL, ASTM, JIS, CNS, etc, specification. We provide prompt delivery at competitive cost of reels, coils, vinyl coated and cut lenghts with assemblies for customers' convenience. Wirop Steel Wire Rope Industrial Co., Ltd. sells a concept "A partnership in profitableness" to our customers and our engineers offer services in the proper selection for customers' application. Wirop will continuously invest in our facilities, equipments, and employees to satisfy the changing needs of the market. We do our best to demonstrate loyalty, fiscal responsibility, concern, good business conduct, dependability, knowledge ability, and team spirit that will make you seriously consider us as a "partner". ...

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Company Name :Wirop Steel Wire Rope Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Mr. Frank Lee
Address :No. 351, Tashe Road, Tashe District, Kao
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-7-3513872
Fax :886-7-3512926