Company Introduction

The Taihe workshops, all plastic sports water bottle production factory production, to begin with the most stringent environmental and mining medical grade clean positive pressure plant operations to reach the sports bottle strict quality control requirements, these requirements look to industry may be only the Taihe Kobothis insistence, because our goal is "quality to the world the top.

The Taihe Mania sports bottle series food containers in accordance with the Department of Health inspection notice, the plasticizing agent DNP, of DBP of DEHP of DINP DIDP, BBP, DOP DIBF the DCHP and bisphenol A (BPA) lead and cadmium heavy metals by SGS, all in compliance with national security standards and so that the more stringent Euro 16 plasticizer test at any time you can enjoy without the container of water pollution, sports bottle is not only suitable for sports use, more suitable to carry the whole family when they go out. ...

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