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Polyfoam (EPS) Products

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Polyfoam (EPS) Products
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Polyfoam ( Polystyrene), called EPS, is a kind of white foaming agent with air for filling material. One of materials using for packaging extensively.
1. Good buffering effect:Product can be packed in certain area, able to absorb shock and disperse stress.
2. High plasticity: mold forming can be shape to various form with aluminum mold that provide high stability.
3. Good purpose of keeping warm: producing refrigerator, wall partition. Good effect and inexpensive price. Products are used in architecture and road construction worldwide.
4. Recycling and reproducing: all products in our company which the assigned recycling factor of south of EPA, Republic of China can be recycling and reproducing, no white pollution.
5. High duration with climate: -60 to +80, suitable for various rigorous environment with no transformation.
6. Special processing: can be produced to anti-static, safe and super density material, suitable for precise electronic equipment.

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