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EPE (Polyethylene) Products

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EPE (Polyethylene) Products
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EPE (Polyethylene), is foaming PE for general surface protection. After sticking on layer, can be process for packaging of various kinds of computer and electronic parts. Best protection for road transportation
1. Environment protective:
(1) Not contain CFC.
(2) No smoke for burning.
(3) Good environment protection.
2. Good buffering effect:
(1) Independent air bubble structure.
(2) Good effect of heatproof and smokeproof.
(3) Reach the best buffing effect with the smallest volume.
3. Easy to form:
(1) Can be produced to various shape for packaging.
(2) Reduce material area to decrease flow capital.
4. Wide purpose:
(1) Suitable for electronic, computer, sporting equipment, hardware industry, etc.
(2) Can be combined with aluminum piece, anti-static PE membrane, bag making, etc.
(3) Anti-UV, moisture-proof, dustproof.
5. High duration with climate: -60 to +80, suitable for various rigorous environment with no transformation.
6. Accept crash at same point by sequence: EPE compression and transformation rate are the lowest in same type of material. Suitable for repeatedly crash buffering. Long distance transport of precise equipment, electronic and computer.

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