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Ventilator Circuits

Model : 0411

1. Breathing circuit 22mm, length 150cm, watertraps in inspiration and expiration tubing, 60cm connection hose. 2. With parallel Y-piece.

Up-draft Nebulizers

Model : 2224

1. Cat. No. 0222 up-draft nebulizer plus 7 ft. oxygen tubing and adult aerosol mask. 2. 50/case.

Up-down Nebulizers

Model : 2223

1. Up-down nebulizer with mouth piece, tee piece and adult aerosol mask. 2. 50 up-down nebulizer per case.

Tracheostomy Masks

Model : 0047

Tracheostomy mask- pediatric.

Tracheostomy Masks

Model : 0057

Tracheostomy mask with six color coded diluter, diluter cup, reservoir, and 7 ft. oxygen tubing.

Aerosol Drainage Bags With Y Piece

Model : 0612

1. We are produce 750 c.c. disposable aerosol drainage bag. 2. Disposable aerosol drainage bag is as same as Cat. No. 0611.

Up-draft Nebulizer With Mouthpiece, Tee Piece, 7 Ft. Tubing, And Reservoir

Model : 2228

1. Up-draft nebulizer with mouthpiece, tee piece, 7 ft. tubing, and reservoir. 2. 50/case.

Face Masks

Model : 1015

We are high quality surgical face mask manufacturer in Taiwan, providing surgical mask and medical mask for hospital use.

Disposable Humidifiers

Model : 0062

1. Disposable, made of durable plastic. 2. Safety valve designed, should activate within five seconds when the outlet is occluded. 3. Specially designed to provide patient with comfort. 4. Clearly defined maximum and minimum water level ...

Manifold Accessories

Model : 0031

1. We provide manifold accessories with many different kinds of specifications. 2. OEM service is available for manifold.

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