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Company Introduction :Taining Machine Industries Co., Ltd, was founded in 1968, and specializes in various winding machines including automatic underbobbin winders, sewing thread, sewing threads, sewing machine thread, sewing machine threads, automatic under-bobbin winder and dental floss winders, balling winders, card winders, portable sewing thread winders, thread winder & multipurpose yarn combiners, economic type precision cross cone winders, micro computer yarn meters, automatic sewing thread & machines, automatic spools winders. Our service is based on commitment, professionalism, innovation and quality. This kind of commitment pushes us constantly to research & develop new products so that we can maintain our leading edge in innovative manufacturing. With a solid reputation that spans 40 years, Taining Machine Industries Co., Ltd has manufactured more than 10,000 sets of various winding machines. We are confident that our promptness, quality manufacturing & customer service will meet your high standards no matter where you are. By our innovative engineering and mature experience, we are capable to meet your exacting requirements with short lead-time, stable quality and also highly competitive price. To benefit both parties, we are the best choice be the partner to support you.
Main Products :1. TN-35A Automatic Sewing Thread High Speed Cross Cone Winder. ( Cone & Kingspool & Spool Type).

2. TN-35E Automatic Sewing Thread High Speed Cross Cone Winder. (Cone & Kingspool Type).

3. TN-21D Automatic Sewing Thread High Speed Cross Cone Winder. (Cone Type ).

4. TN-21E Automatic Sewing Thread High Speed Cross Cone Winder. (Cone Type).

5. TN-35 Sewing Thread High Speed Cross Cone Winder. (Cone & Kingspool & Spool Type).

6. TN-09S Automatic Under-Bobbin Winder And Dental Floss Winder.

7. TN-07 Balling Winder.

8. TN-03 Card Winder.

9. TN-05 Portable Sewing Thread Winder. (Cone & Kingspool & Spool Type).

10. TN-12 Thread winder & multipurpose yarn combiner.

11. TN-01 Economic Type Precision Cross Cone Winder.

12. TN-11A Automatic Wefting Bobbin Winder.

13. TN-16A Micro Computer Yarn Meter.
Business Nature :Manufacturer, Exporter, Trader
Year Established :1968
Current Export Markets :Worldwide

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Company Name :Taining Machine Industrial Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Mr. Vincent S.C. Wei
Address :No. 35, Lane 734, Sha Tien Rd., Sec 3, T
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-4-26991213
Fax :886-4-26996533