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Synchronous Motor

Model : AM-03

1. Rated Voltage: AC 12V, 24V, 48V, 100V-125V, 200V-250V (50/60 Hz). 2. Inupt Power: 4W or less. 3. Direction of rotation: Both CW/CCW or Single CW or CCW. 4. For the electric fan, revaliving lampions, medical appliances, or other ...

Electronic Pump

Model : AP-C

PERFORMANCE FEATURES 1. Large Flux 2. Low Temperature Rise 3. Low Noise 4. Aqueduit System Conform to FDA ( Food ) APPLICATIONS 1. Coffee Machine 2. Iron; Steam Iron 3. Steam Vacuum Cleaner 4. Disco Smoker Generator

Synchronous Motors

Model : AM-03(A)

Applications: 1. Electric fan. 2. Heater. 3. Laminator. 4. Healthful instrument. 5. Video games. 6. Spotlights. 7. Air conditioner. 8. Others. Features: 1. Miniature is size but delivers high torque. 2. Low noise and smooth ...

High-torque Synchronous Motors

Model : AHM-206

FEATURES 1. Miniature is size but delivers high torque. 2. Low noise and smooth revolution. 3. The motor construct by two separate coils and circuits can provide precise clockwise and counter clockwise APPLICATIONS 1. Laminator 2. ...

Dehydration Machine Timer

Model : AWT-705

FEATURES 1. It would cut the power and stop the control system, when working time to be ended. 2. Single Current System, ON-OFF. 3. Nicely precise construction to minimize the operation trouble to almost zero APPLICATIONS 1. ...


Model : AT-615

Applications: 1. Electric oven. 2. Heater. 3. Electric thermal appliances. 4. Beautiful hair instrument. 5. Healthful instrument. 6. Medical instrument. 7. Others.

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