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PVC Corrugated Sheets

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PVC Corrugated Sheets
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1. Bright and colorful-Large variety of colors with all kinds of translucent effect which produce suitable diffused light and add grace and live to your room.
2. Resilient and durable- It is light, resilient and can be cut freely. It is also weather resistant and very durable.
3. Excellent insulation-Made of PVC, non-flammable and non donductance. It has the best insulation effect.
4. Corrosive and erosive proof-It has absolute corrosive proof and will resist acid/alkali chmicals.

It is the most excellent and modern construction material and the necessity of manufacturing plants and residential buildings. It not only can block, select lighting, apply indirect lighting, adjust lighting and also use as room partition, it also can be used in interior and exterior decoration, garden house, pavilion.

The material is resilient and durable, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and can replace corrugated sheet of other materials. It is the most ideal architectural material.
1. Specific gravity: 1.3~1.4
2. Softenning Point: 65oC (min.)
3. Inflammability: Self Extinguishing
4. Light Stability: Excellent
5. Impact Resistance Test
6. WEIGHT: 1kg, HEIGH: 120cm
7. Un-crack

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