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Polycarbonate Corrugated Sheets

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Polycarbonate Corrugated Sheets
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1. Impact-Proof: our pc sheets have high impact strength(approximately 250 times that of glass and 3-5 times that of ordinary corrugated sheets)that makes them virtually unbreakable.
2. TRANSPARENCY AND LIGHT TRANSMISSION: excellent light transmission .its transparency is remarkably comparable to that of glass.
3. Weather-Proof: as sheet's surface have been treated with anti-UV ray agent to resist resin's fatigue caused by the sun, yellowing on sheets' surface would not occur. the protective uv-coatelayer can maintain excellent light transmission of the sheets and prevent the sheets from becoming yellowing.10 years' quality warranty is provided.
4. Flame-Proof: compared with fiberglass(frp),pc sheets have remarkable characteristics of flame resistance and extinguishment to inflammability.
5. Heat and Cold Resistance no deterioration or deformation from-20 to 135 centigrade.
6. Installation and Processing: characteristic of light weight makes the sheets easy for transportation,handling and installation,with good processing performance in drilling, sutting and installing without having risks of breakage.
PropertyTest methodAverage index
SpecificASTM D79261.20+/-5%
Tensile strengthJIS K6735;CNS11335551KGF/CM
ElongationJIS K6735;CNS1133550%
Compressive strengthASTM D695830KGF/CM
Modulus of elasticityASTM D6383450000psi+/-10%
Flexural strengthASTM D790950kgf/cm
Yellowing indexASTM D1925below3.0
Llight transmittancewave length 500mm(UV/VIS)85%
Uv-ray penetrabilitywave length 300mm(UV/VIS)2.40%
(uv-grade apply)
Weather resustance(continously exposed to sunlight for 3,000 hours)yellowing index below 5
(uv-grade apply)
Impact strengthCNS 11335(1kg.iron ball falls from 120cm height)unbreakable
InflammabilityUV 94V2(CONTACT WITH FLAME FOR 10SECONDS and move away)self-extinguishing
Deflection temperatureASTM D648,18.6KGF/CM135C(The highest temp. is about 120C IN CONTIUNOUS USES)
Brittle temperatureASTM D764(The lowest about -30c continuous uses)
Coefficient of liner expension Pertain to smaller coefficient of synthetic resin

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