Te Chen Instruments Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction :Established in 1992, in early stage, Te Chen contracted drinking water projects form government organization and private factories. However, in order to expand our serving markets, we have been investing and researching for high-tech products and the related components. The products are sold and used in big hospitals, clinics, examination centers, universities, laboratories, national research centers, environmental institutions, pharmaceutical factories, biotech factories, water processing factories, scientific instrument companies, medical companies, and water treatment companies, etc. We have always worked for better to meet our customer needs with the market trend. Welcome to contact us.
Main Products :portable RO water treatment systems, countertop (counter top) reverse osmosis plants, reserve osmosis water systems, commercial & industrial water filters, direct flow RO units, manifold & brackish water reverse osmosis system, rapid filter & water coolers, faucets & drinking fountains, water filtering systems, activated carbon filters, filter housings & strainers, filter cartridges & membrane elements, shower filters, filter media, home electrical appliances, filter cartridges and accessory ( accessories), medical industry RO pure water equipments, examination and analysis deionization equipments, O3 ozone equipments, UV ultraviolet ray equipments, common drinking water equipments, home ( domestic, whole house) RO systems, water filter cartridge, water filter system, RO water purifiers, home water purifiers, water softeners, water filtration systems, ozone water purifiers, purifiers filtered water purifier systems, drinking water dispensers, home water dispensers, water softener purifiers, RO bottleless water purification dispensers, cold & warm & hot stainless steel water drinking ( drink) dispensers, floor standing & small table ( desk) top type water dispensers.
Business Nature :Manufacturer
Current Export Markets :Worldwide

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Company Name :Te Chen Instruments Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Mr. Xu
Country :Taiwan Taiwan