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Company Introduction

Established in 1977, tg co., ltd. believes in giving back to the society. For the past 30 years, tg co., ltd. has been promoting the galvanizing business with the motto of “creating galvanizing culture and protecting the limited resources of Taiwan”.
The melted zinc adhered to the steel material after hot-dip galvanizing process can protect steel from corrosion for decades. The self-sacrificing spirit of zinc to protect steel is the corporate culture of tg co., ltd. With the protection of hot-dip galvanizing, the consumption of steel to replace corrosion will cut down government spending on maintaining public infrastructures.
It reflects the corporate culture of tg co., ltd. as being simple, hardworking, and showing great care for the society. These are the objectives that our chairman, Robert Hsiao, has strived for the past 30 years with our teams.
tg co., ltd. has successfully developed hot-dip galvanizing technology for self-drilling/tapping screws, which has been experimentally proved to show outstanding performance in tapping speed, drill-through thickness, anti-corrosion ability, etc. In the process of hot-dip galvanization, the materials of fasteners will combine with molten zinc to form zinc/ferrite alloy under the high temperature. After penetrating the steel plate, the zinc-coating layer will no longer peel off at the drilling point, the head, and threads. It substantially extends the life expectancy of fasteners.
tg co., ltd. is so far the only one company capable of mass producing hot-dip galvanized fasteners in Taiwan, and is among a few of companies owning this kind of technology in the world. The hot-dip galvanizing technology has been successfully applied to fasteners with higher added values such as pinpoint self-tapping screws, high strength bolts (TC bolts), steel nails, collated nails, and washers. ...

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