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Injection Packing Machines

Model : N/A

1. Assembly of units separated from overall unit. 2. The structure and performance are similar to the DPP-250FImodel, which is suitable for packing larger sized and special shaped Al/PVC and paper/PVC blisters. Products include large honey ...

Capsule And Troche Polishing Machines

Model : N/A

1. Polish the surface of capsule, getting rid of dust and raising the surface finish. 2. Adopts the motor of frequency changing and step less speed changing without brush, 3. avoids motor damage caused by wear of the carbon brush. The whole ...

Capsule Directional Turning Machines

Model : JD140/250

1. Hi-tech product with international advanced level, on the base of retrial and researching by our technicians. 2. Adopts fully automatic digital control to make capsule. permutation according to colors and make the packing more regular and ...

Film Packing Machines

Model : SMP-130

1. Compact and reasonable construction, stable and advanced performance, simple and convenient operation and maintenance. 2. Adopt multi-function digital-indication frequency converter and stepless variable speed . 3. The digital indication ...

Labeling Machines


1. TB-100A horizontal non-dry glue label machine is suitable to pack medicine, pesticide, and food, or apply in light industry, chemical industry, etc. 2. It can make labels done automatically for round plastic and glass bottles and afford ...

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