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Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

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Automatic Liquid Filling Machines
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1. A desired capacity can be quickly and precisely acquired as the machine adapt a single axis adjusting piston.
2. The contact parts with liquid are made of stainless steel, piston and piston, cylinder are hard chrome plated to enforce the surface hardness.
3. Bottle-feeding, positioning are operated by air cylinder.
4. A safety device is attached to the machine to stop the running automatically in case of any fell down of bottle or during the operating by hand-wheel.
5. Surface are made of stainless steel for easy clean.
6. The buffering device permits the less friction of mechanism, so as to prolong the service life of machine.
7. A stepless speed variable motor is used for freely speed adjustment.
8. This machine can be run independently or connected to automatic capping machine, automatic labelling machine for a complete integrated automatic operation.
9. Filling nozzles descend into bottle for filling, meet with G. M. P standard.
10. Application: Suitable for filling various liquids, such as: medicine, soft drink, soybean
sauce, chemical, shampoo, cleaning solution, etc.
1. Filling capacity: 5cc - 60cc, 30cc- 150cc, 100cc - 500cc.
2. Speed: 30~50 pcs/min.
3. Motor power: 1/2 HP.
4. Source power: 220V 60/50Hz, single phase.
5. Machine dimension: 2200L x 880W x 1490H(mm).
6. Machine weight: 500kg.
7. Air press: 5-6 kg.
8. Air consumption: 200 L/min.

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