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Auto Liquid Filling Machines

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Auto Liquid Filling Machines
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1. Features:
(1) Suitable to fill all liquid, paste, etc., in low or high viscosity.
(2) Special designed filling line for big volume filling in mass production.
(3) Machine surface and most machine parts are made of SUS 304 for easy clean.
(4) Simple design, easy to operate, least maintenance.
2. Applications: good for all chemical, food, drink, pharmaceutical industry of filling jobs.
1. Air pressure: 5-6 kg/min.
2. Air consumption: 180 L/min.
3. Filling speed: 10~70 bottles/min.
4. Filling capacity: 300~1500 ml(1500~5000ml also available for special order).
5. Filling nozzles: 6~12pcs(depending on filling speed & volume).
6. M/C wt. : 350kg.
7. Motor power: 1/4HP.
8. M/C size: 2440L x 720W x 2100H(mm).
9. Source power: 220V, 60/50Hz , single phase.

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