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Taiwan rainwear manufacturer, supplier & exporter- For the past five decades, Tah Hsin industrial Corporation, loyal to the principle of honesty and trustworthiness, has been operating under the goal of providing quality goods and services to its customers. We are delighted to be at your service. Thanks to your patronage, our sales have been growing steadily and we wish to thank you all. In this period of constant change, business worldwide are facing tremendous challenges. Especially recent years, a number of countries have dismantled or shuffled themselves politically and economically. Presently, new regional economies have emerged and uncertain factors have increased for our business management. Therefore, caution and diligence play an important role in consolidating the enterprise. To cope with end users' increasing desire for high quality and excellence, variety and uniqueness, TAH HSIN has devoted tremendous resources towards the development of new materials, new technology and new products that will serve its customers better. We take pride in making your stormy and wet days safe and dry. In always providing you with more comfortable waterproof garments, we are now working on the improvement of our breathable and water/cold proof raincoats. To minimize business risk and ensure continual growth,for our employees,we have a comprehensive training program for upgrading skills and creativity which will undoubtedly pave the way for greater breakthroughs in the future. With all the assets we have gained,we have sporting goods,housewares and office equipment to meet our customers' growing needs. Automation and company-wind quality controls have been added and have greatly improved our productivity. Our efforts in upgrading our industrial production have not overlooked the shared responsibility of environment protection. We have invested substantial amount of capital in producing PP corrugated board which has already been well accepted by the market. We have also cooperated with other producers of world well-known brands and have set up production lines in Mainland China as well as other Southeast Asian countries. With our globalization strategy, we are developing a global view in our team members, maximizing our synergy and strenghening the marketing capabilities of our ten overseas branches. ...

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Company Name :Tahhsin Industrial Corp
Contact Person :Mr. Jiang He Hu
Country :Taiwan Taiwan