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Kids Terry Slippers

Model : B20

Drop out terry at non-skid print area to provide better non-skid print effect on sole.

Kids Sports Socks With Wristbands

Model : S13

Sport sock & sport textile accessories ( headband, wristband )- kids ath sock + wristband combo.

Rubber Print Toe Slippers

Model : T27

1. Rubber print toe slippers. 2. Size: women. 3. Fiber cintent: A/N/S or C/N/S.

Footless Tights

Model : TG18

Made by 240N

Dobble Layer Lotus Top Socks

Model : B11

1. Baby and kids sock/ girl tights. 2. Dobble layer lotus top sock. 3. Character: (a) Dobble lotus. (b) With non-skid print on foot.

Ladies Fashion Ribbon Knee

Model : L41

1. Ladies fashion ribbon knee. 2. Character: woven in and out ribbon on cuff.

Ladies Fashion Ribbon Knee Hi

Model : L05

Robin sock Character: (1) Texture body. (2) Double thickness cuff.

Sheer Design Top Anklet

Model : TS11

Women sheer fashion anklet/ trouse / tights: sheer design top anklet.

Slingback Toe Caps

Model : FT02

Leg warmer & toe cap 7 foot tube - slingback toe cap.

Fancy Yarns

Model : F16

Fancy Yarns

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