Okay Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Company Information

Company Introduction :OKAY is the brand under Okay Enterprise Co., Ltd. We have been exporting to Europe, USA, and Japan over 30 countries. Our main items are microwave cookware, housewares and pet items. Besides, they are all made by non-toxic and non-odor plastic material and have the SGS approval to guarantee consumers by a safe and healthy product quality. In view of market demand, Okay keeps creating and innovating so as to offer more convenient and economical items. Our aim is to continuously research and develop high quality and competitive outstanding products. Welcome to contact us soon.
Main Products :we provide microwave cookware- (1) three section dishes, bacon racks, vegetable steamer, baking pans, cooking covers, egg poachers, potato bakers, cook 'N' roast, cooker (with lid), plate stackers, divided rectangular cooker, hamburger "N" sandwich grill, fish 'N' meat grills, microwave egg poacher "N" 2 microwave egg cooker, measuring jug (with lid for heating liquid), fish and poultry steamers, microwave hot dog "N" sausage cookers, microwave egg boiler (egg shape), microwave egg boiler (with integrated saucer,egg shape), egg boilers (chicken shape ), egg boiler (with integrated saucer), omelette cooker (with egg poacher), meatloaf pans, egg skillets, super chicken roasters, onion cookers, toast pan (inclusive spatulas), omelette cookers, cooking pots, pasta & rice cookers, saucepans (with pour spout), whistling water kettles, specialty cookware set (include pasta & rice cookers,self buttering popcorn,food steamer), cooking & carry-out boxes, microwave pizza trays, garlic baker (with lid), multi-function bacon trays, hot meal pocket sets, warm plates, stackable splatter lids, French fries makers, apple cooker (with one corer), pie keepers, waffle makers, sandwich toast makers, triple carry set (with printing), 6 pieces triple cooker set (with steam rack & high pp lid), casserole (with lid & steam rack), divided corn steamers (with lid), hot dog & bun warmers, multi-use hot dog & sausage trays. (2) animals & pet products ( supply, supplies)- pet waste scoops, improve cat toys, cat scratch toys, automatic pet feeders (with 48 hour timer), 5 way cat health gym, 2 way cat health gym (with 2 sisal scratching post for scratch, rub, chase, bat and climb), double sisal wall mount scratchers, sisal door mount scratchers, pet grooming gloves, height adjustable pet feeder bowls, combination feeders and self wateriers, "O" type cotton bones (2 knot type,"8" type), pet safety flashers, pet flea catchers, automatic pet fish feeder (with 24 hour timer), 6 meals automatic pet feeders. (3) microwave cookers (for baby use)- snack plate set, food trays, steam sterilizers. (4) garden products- garden pours. (5) other products- hand wash sterilizers, plastic water bottles, containers, molding, barbecue sets.
Business Nature :Manufacturer, Exporter
Year Established :1983
Current Export Markets :Worldwide
Brand :OKAY

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Company Name :Okay Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Mr. Wu-Horng Lin
Address :No. 8, Lane 93, Fang-Tsa Street, Changhu
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-4-7615248
Fax :886-4-7615249