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Company Introduction :In 1992,Li-Chou Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. was established firstly under the title of Li-Chou Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. and then was called so after its being relocated from Houll, Taichung to Tachia. The various relevant techniques mainly resulted from manufacture & assembly of tool machines. We started from major parts of various sliding tables andspindle heads, and then invested in relevant R&D as well as development for the new special-purpose machines, such as "Two-Way Four-Spindle Automatic Milling + Boring Machine," and "High-Effect Horizontal Boring Machine"! By boring two ends with inverted angle at one time, the new machines do improve traditional lathes' working speed and mass production when processing single type of workpiece! Besides, with the special design of auto-feeding system, the new machines effectively decrease working-hour, enhance production efficiency, and certainly promote the fully automatized working procedure! Mr. Kuo Cheng-Chuo, the owner of Li-Chou Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. who has been devoted to production and R&D of machine accessories fot the past 20 years, declared: "By continuous Innovation and Improvement techniques, I believe, LI-CHOU will achieve its long-range goal; keep supplying higher efficiency with better procedures and fewer working-hours for the industries!
Main Products :we provide high efficiency horizontal drilling machines, bilateral 4 spindle auto milling & drlling machinery, various slide seats, precision spindles, two way four spindle automatic milling with boring machines.
Business Nature :Manufacturer, Exporter
Current Export Markets :Worldwide
Brand :LI-CHOU

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Company Name :Li-Chou Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Mr. Cheng Chou Kuo
Address :No. 36, Shunfan Rd., Taichia District, T
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-4-26817998
Fax :886-4-26815143