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Pre Heating Conveyers

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Pre Heating Conveyers
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This machine utilizes electric heat type heating. Microcomputer PID automatic computation temperature control table enables stable equipment temperature and low temperature differences. Japanese made electric leak non-fuse electromagnetic valve switch is the electric leak safety device. May be connected to the reinforce room, after products are reinforced, they can be isolated from outside. The products may then be sent to the preheater. Medium temperature is used to pre-dry reagents on the lenses to remove product surface contamination and increase passed product ratio.
1. Size: 4050 x 1186 x 1750mm ( L x W x H ). 2. Weight: around 1200KG. 3. Materials: the enclosure of the machine SUS304 stainless steel. 4. Color: stainless / green / white. 5. Voltage: three phase three wire 220V / 380V / 440V. 6. Operation power supply: 220V. 7. Power: 13KW. 8. Air discharge fan: 220V / 200KW. 9. Electric heat pipe: 220V / 12KW. 10. Transport motor: 220V / 1/4HP. 11. Temperature controller: The highest temperature reaches above 120°C. 12. Door open method: air opcrated door / manual deer. 13. Capacity: 32 fram fall up. 14. Based on customers requirements to provide custom made dimensions.

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