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Automatic Labeling Machines SLM-100

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Automatic Labeling Machines SLM-100
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Product Description

1. This machine can work with the drink, the water production line together, the connection is simple.
2. Whole machine frame is made of stainless steel SUS304. The frame is simple, beauty, waterproof and rustproof.
3. It is equiped with electrical-eye checking system for label sensoring, label cutting, label shooting, and label brushing fixing unit, which ensuring accuracy.
4. The screwing conveyer ensure bottle inlet stablely moving to the labeling unit.
5. Steam shrinking tunnel is made of SS304 label shrinking tunnel, with automatic water boiler type steam generator.
6. The man- contacting touch screen is adopted setting and showing production data and indicating problem shooting.
7. It is a high automatic packing machine. Just one person handles
Product Specification/Models
1. Model: SLM-100
2. Capacity: 6000B/H (0.5L)
3. Label diameter: 44-210mm
4. Bottle diameter: D:25-130mm
5. Label insertion length: 40-220mm/the length of label+the height of container≤480mm
6. Material: PVC/PET/OPS
7. Inner/outer diameter of coil stock: 5"-10"(D:130-250mm) 8. Main motor: 2000x1100x2300mm
9. Weight: 1500KG Application Automatic labeling machine, bottle labeller, shrinkable sleeve labeling machine is used for labling bottled water

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