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Sleeve Labeling Machines SLM-250

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Sleeve Labeling Machines SLM-250
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Product Description

Product Description
1.Advanced industrial human-machine interface control. High quality international name brand key components.
2.Can easily be fitted and used in conjunction with other product lines.
3.Uniquely designed blade holding seat which need not be replaced. Changing blade is fast and easy.
4.Adjustment for use with various bottle types and sizes can be made without the use of tools.
5.Forced insertion design is convenient and effective.
6.Integrated features make adjustment for changing bottle type more convenient.
7.Accommodates 5"~10" core size labeling materials.
8.Suitable for square and round bottles.
9.Adjustable label insertion core.
10.Employs a high sensitivity optical fiber sensor ensuring accurate label cut.
Model: SZASP250
Capacity: 15000B/H
Label diameter: 44-210mm
Bottle diameter: D:25-130mm
Label insertion length: 40-220mm/the length of label+the height of container≤480mm
Material: PVC/PET/OPS
Inner/outer diameter of coil stock: 5"-10"(D:130-250mm) Main motor: 2000x1100x2300mm
Weight: 1500KG

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