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Two Units Ply Servicer/ Shuttle Type Machine

Model : AW-LT-1520/ AW-LT-1317

* Automatic ply down by fingers * Bead automatic setting * Bladder turn up * Side stitcher turn down * Expand/ collapse building drum * Two units ply servicer/ shuttle type * One unit with 4 plies * The other unit with 2 plies + 2 ...

Dual Bead Tire Building Machine

Model : AW-LT-1516-D/AW-TB-2024-D

1. Dual bead & band building type. 2. Bladder turn up & wheel turn down. 3. Automatic expand/ collapse building drum. 4. Strong type ply down finger/ bead auto setting. 5. Expand/ collapse type band applicator. 6. Pulling device ...

Light Truck And Passenger Tire Building Machines

Model : AW-LT-1316-S

Light truck tire building machine, bladder turn up type.

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