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Thorn Proof Bicycle Tire Building Machine

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Thorn Proof Bicycle Tire Building Machine
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Optional attachment: Numbering Device. Chafer servicer (for skin wall). Hot Knife Heater
1. The maching is equipped special design with patent slide expand type building drum. The building drum has very good precision and no wear off trouble for long terms operation.
2. The building drum has special design with patent turn up fingers device (36 pcs turn up fingers on the one side of durm, total 72pcs in one durm) so it can make very smooth nylon cord turn up and will not cause nylon cord angle change. It will promote tire quality.
3. The building drum has special design with patent no gap rubber band which will produce very tough green tire on bead positions so it can reduce the blister problem on the sidewall and bead position.
4. The building drum has special design with patent for three steps expansion.
1st step is reduction to minimum diameter for easy to take out the green tire from builing drum.
2nd step is expansion to middle diameter of building drum for apply the nylon cord & bead setting.
3rd setp is expansion to excatly diameter & bead goes into bead groove then overlape turn up then apply tread & stitching the tread.
5. The splicing position of nylon cord & tread is controlled to be applied in the opposite side to get the better balance of tire.
6. Special design with patent tread stitching device which will more effectly stitch tread tightly.
7. Bead setting ring equipped with strong magnets will rapidly and precisely hold bead wire on right position.
8. Special design of tread guider which will be very easy and accurate to align the tread to drum center for one revolution tread apply.
Size of Tire12-1/2"~1416"~20"22"~28"
Nylon Cord1 Ply Overlape
Tread StitchingRubber Profile Roll

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