Muybien Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction :Muybien Enterprise Co., Ltd. is professional in the PTFE manufacturer and has over 25 years experience. We offer diverse line of high performance custom and standard processed PTFE products. Muybien Enterprise's in house tooling and design capabilities enable us to provide customers with extremely quick turn-around time on new items at lowest possible cost. We provides coating, lining, etching and molding service, at reasonable price and good quality, also offers Virgin and Filled PTFE. Muybien Enterprise can satisfy your needs in many kinds of PTFE product application, such as transportation, laboratory equipment, aerospace, electronic, food processing and chemistry, etc. Our factory in Shanghai got DuPont LIA (Licensee Industrial Applicator) and ISO 9001 certificated. Contact us if you have any questions include teflon industrial coating, halar coating for stainless steel ducts, conveyorized oven coating, PTFE sheet lining, PTFE products.
Main Products :We have devoted in sales and processing of Fluoropolymer products for over 25 years, including (1) Teflon industrial coating- mold for latex glove, tray for LCD, pin hole detection for plating tank, roller, reactor, needles for dispenser. (2) halar coating for stainless steel ducts for semiconductor industry- duct, fittings, hanger for PCB. (3) conveyorized oven coating- gas table, screw and nut, cooking ware. (4) fluorocarbon sheet lining- lined tank, reactor, inside of lined tank, welded tank, lined fittings & pipes. (5) PTFE products- automatic compression molded parts, CNC machined parts, rod, tube, sheet, plate, valve seat, O/U/V rings, piston ring, diaphragm, lab ware, convoluted tube, fittings, ball valves, nozzle, seals for high pressure pump, tapes for hydraulic and pneumatic.
Business Nature :Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter
Year Established :1981
Current Export Markets :Worldwide

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Company Name :Muybien Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Mr. Carlos Wang
Address :10-2F, no. 380, Lin-Shin N. Rd., Taipei
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-2-25614277
Fax :886-2-25613184