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5 Phase Stepping Motor Drivers

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5 Phase Stepping Motor Drivers
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1. AC 85V~265V power input, suitable for high-speed high torque applications.
2. Can select from 16 driving current adjustments, reaching highest reading of 2.8A per phase.
3. Excitation mode can be selected from full-step (0.72º/step) or half-step (0.36º/step).
4. Provide two methods of pulse input: single-pulse (1P), and two-pulse (2P).
5. Can adjust running current and stop current for optimal motor revolving performance.
6. Overheating protection and output to ensure product safety. (optional)
7. Auto-current-down function for reduced motor heat.
8. Step zero output, and motor current off (COF) functions, can be used for external control.
9. Self-testing function.
10. High speed CPLD component design, enhances stability of product.
11. Drive current using Soft-up method to prevent sudden burn-out of driver.
12. LED displays revolving status.
13. Input and output both use photo coupler to provide noise isolation.
14. Special design of large aluminum alloy extrusion heat sink body.
1. Power: single phase AC85V~265V, 50/60Hz. 2. Drive current: 1.0A~2.8A (16 multi-step current control). 3. Resolution: full step (0.72º/s,500s/r), half step (0.36°/s,1000s/r). 4. Control mode: single-pulse(1P), two-pulse(2P). 5. Auto-current-down: 30~70% (16 multi-step current control) 6. Max. pulse speed: 80K Hz. 7. Pulse width: sus(min). 8. Direction response: 10us(min). 9. Input signal: +4~+10V, <20mA. 10. Input signal impedance: 220Ω. 11. Output signal: open collector, 24V, 10mA(max). 12. Noise isolation: use of photo coupler. 13. Connection method: removable connector. 14. Ambient temperature: 0ºC~+40ºC. 15. Ambient moisture: <85%RH. 16. Dimension (L x W x H): 207 x 107 x 69mm. 17. Weight: 1280g. 18. Single phase AC 85V~265V, 2.8A.

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