Unis Industrial Solution Corp.

Company Introduction

UNIS is specialized in providing various Industrial components & temperature control equipment, and most of the products are made in Taiwan. Because of the related companies of UNIS have been involving in making industrial machinery and industrial furnace for decades. This has accumulated remarkable experience and knowledge of Taiwan-made industrial components and temperature control. UNIS offers Industrial Furnaces covering temperature range from 200°C~1100°C such as box type furnace, conveyor furnace, vacuum furnace, anaerobic furnace, uv drying equipment, and etc. Environmental Test Chambers are including various programmable temperature humidity cycling chamber, thermal shock chamber, aging test chamber, splash water test chamber, dust test chamber, salt spray test chamber, and etc. Equipment of UNIS can be ustom-made according to particular requirements. UNIS will keep on developing new technical and high quality products as well as providing on time delivery, reasonable price, efficient service for customers. ...

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Company Name :Unis Industrial Solution Corp.
Contact Person :Ms. Shirley Chang
Address :27, Wucyuan 7th Road, Wugu, New Taipei C
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-2-25913734
Fax :886-2-25911152