Company Information

Company Introduction :Our company is professional manufacturing plant of industry's machinery. Go through many years the producing experience, we invent by synthesize each factory's advantage and defect, after using orer a long time.

Our company invests a large number of funds every year,

constant research and development is improved, look for novelty day by day, the realm of making the products become more and more perfect even more.

Let every manufacture have confidence even more, what consumers used is settled down even more, that is our company the greatest objective.
Main Products :we provide layout of veneer and plywood, arisun clipper for green veneer cutting vc-4d, arisun clipper for green veneer cutting vc-4h, automatic back veneer composer, automatic plywood double saw, full automatic gluespreader, full automatic veneer core builder, roller anvil system automatic air clipper, 8'semi-automatic block board composer, full automatic lumber corecomposer, full automatic lumber corecomposer, knife grinder, hydraulic table lifter, rotary veneer lathe.
Business Nature :Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter
Current Export Markets :Worldwide

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Contact Person :Mr. Jia Siou
Address :No.5, Lin.46, Xizhou 3rd, Rd, Linyuan Di
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-7-6433220
Fax :886-7-6438904