Company Introduction

YEC AUTO PARTS was founded in 1988, and specializes in manufacturing automobile chassis parts and business of forgingparts, special screws, and pneumatic tools encompassing product development, mold design, mold making production.

We adhere to the position of consistently high quality, sophisticated technology, reasonable price, and actual customer needs to win customer trust and support. Based on high precision machinery and equipment, advanced processing techniques, professional design talents, and spirit of pursuit excellence in innovation, we provide customers with the expertise of the consulting services.

At the same time, we also uphold the highest customer service-oriented principle to meet customer needs to reach communication and consensus with clients. Customers can feel at ease with us to develop design to create maximized profit margins and improve market competitiveness.

High quality and superior service are the basic concepts and spirits of our company. Providing customers the most dedicated service is the highest honor and cense of our mission. You are more than welcome to email us, and feel free to advise. Stringent quality requirements and complete service are the purposes of how we treat our products and operate our business.

Further enable our customers to understand, we provide honesty, trust, and high efficiency professional and common knowledge. Combined with technical expertise and efficient production team, we will expand the production line and upgrade manufacturing technology.

We use high technology to meet the stringent requirements of customers. With complete production facilities, YEC AUTO PARTS can handle a complete process since the beginning of the project.

Order → forging → CNC machining → surface treatment → assembly → inspection → packing → storage → shipping. During the complete manufacturing process, YEC AUTO PARTS reviews for improvement of quality or productivity constantly.

At parts production, technology upgrading, and research, we still hope to establish with environmental protection concept, and taking into account the future and our living environment.

For the future, YEC AUTO PARTS will continue to develop new products for each market and constantly updated new products. Therefore, we provide one-on-one communication with customers. Provide the best service has always be the main goal of ours. ...

Contact us

Contact Person :Mr. Shingmu Lee
Address :No.58-1, Maming Rd., Sioushuei Township,
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-4-7688105
Fax :886-4-7688106