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Print And Applies
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1. Packaging reduced to its compact simplest form and lowest cost economic model CB–250.
2. Small machine size good for matching exisiting production line.
3. Easy operation, high efficiency, counting unit (optional).
4. Alarm with signal and buzzer will be on and machine will be off if bag doesn't open properly; or heater fail or seal jar jammed.
5. PE, PP tubular film will be cut as bag of kangaroo to form the continuous bags. The film can be printed or blank.
6. Printing unit, photo sensor, hopper, dryer, sewing line.
1. Power: AC 110v 50/60 hz 1.0kva.
2. Capacity: 8 to 10 bags.
3. Bag size: thickness, 0.05-0.09mm(w), 60-200mm(l), 100-250mm.
4. Packer style: pouch with top & bottom seal continuous bag.
5. Pck'g material: polyethelen polypropylen.
6. Fill weight: up to 1kg(standard).
7. Machine size: (w) 450mm, (l) 640mm, (h) 710mm.
8. Machine weight: 80kg.

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