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Automatic Counting And Packings

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Automatic Counting And Packings
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1. High efficiency high precision counter and packer.
2. Alarm of signal and buzzor will be on when shortage of materials, bag not properly opened, sealed or jammed etc. and machine will be off automatically.
3. Print Unit and optic fiber sensors.
4. Open sewing line.
5. Finish pack conveyor.
6. Bags total counter/pre-set counter.
7. Computer Printer.
8. W/out prenter.
1. Power exhaust: 1 kw.
2. Air resource: 4~10Kg cm2.
3. Speed: 8~12Bag/min.
4. Bag size: CP-200 (W) 80~200(L) 100~200mm.
5. CP-250 (W) 80~200(L) 100~250mm.
6. CP-350 (W) 100~250(L) 200~400mm.
7. Thickness: 0.05~0.1mm.
8. Machine size: CP-200 (W) 550 x (L) 1310 x (H) 1000mm.
9. CP-250 (W) 550 x (L) 1310 x (H) 1050mm.
10. CP-350 (W) 600 x (L) 1400 x (H) 1100mm.

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