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Company Introduction :KINGDOM FABRICS ENTERPRISES CO., LTD., established in 1988, specializes in production and sales of plain woven to provide materials for bags, shoes, and clothing. Plain woven materials are mostly nylon, polyester fabric, and N/T mixed woven. They are mainly used for bag materials, such as computer bags, sports bags, golf bags, camera cases, aviation luggage; for clothing materials, such as paintball clothing, motorcycle clothing, sports protector, sports shoes, casual shoes, horse clothing, and etc. Popular sales are earned in Hong Kong, China, Central and South America, and company has been made for Europe and America brands.

Our products have been cooperated in development with major European and American brand designers for a long term. From clothing material designs to physical strength requirements, we combine consumer demands for fashion terminals. With complete and integrate data, we have a good interaction with customers and become the good partners. In recent years, due to awareness of environmental issue of the limited Earth's resources, more committed to environmental protection and production processes are implemented into DeKo-tex, ECO Textile and reach ROHS consistent with European and American environmental regulatory requirements.
Main Products :Kingdom Fabrics is an industry-recognized professional manufacturer in providing a wide range of woven fabric for bags, shoes, and clothing.

Our products include-

1. Nylon Fabric

2. Polyester Fabric


4. PVC Series

5. Synthetic Leather

6. Other Fabric
Business Nature :Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter, Trader
Year Established :1988
Current Export Markets :Worldwide

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Company Name :Kingdom Fabrics Enterprises Co., Ltd
Contact Person :Mrs. Wen-Hsuan Kung
Country :Taiwan Taiwan