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CM-1100 Brake Pads

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CM-1100 Brake Pads
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INTIMA CM-1100, our innovative combination of organic frictions with ceramic technology virtually eliminates noise and reduces dusting. Comprising import European Rock Wool in plenty, CM-1100 diminishes the thermal conductivity of brake pad,which in turn lessens the overall heat in brake system, thus providing exceptional stopping power under even high temperatures and extreme operating conditions. Superior stopping power, shorter stopping distance and fade-free braking performance makes CM-1100 the ideal choice to fulfill all the braking requirements from passenger cars to heavy trucks.
Persistently Risingμ Under Low to High Temperature.
Diminish The Thermal Conductivity.
Fade-Free Braking Performance.
Ultra-Quiet Braking.
Rotor-Friendly Formula Leads to Long Wear Life of Pad & Rotor.
Low-Dusting for Cleaner Wheels.
High Thermal Stability, To Disc Temperature of 400℃ --Average μ 0.42~0.47.

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