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SS-3200 Subjugator Brake Pad

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SS-3200 Subjugator Brake Pad
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With our technology and concern of the eco-compatible issue, we develop a series of superior formulas, INTIMA SS-SERIES, which are compounded with various natural and organic ingredients that are greatly mild to human body and our Earth. Moreover, SS-SERIES exhibits considerably less wear to brake pads and rotors resulting in longer life, low dusting, and reducing vibration.

From the test data, SS-SERIES present excellent performance and even "Better than OEM."

When compared to Semi-Metallic products, test results prove the superiority of INTIMA SS-SERIES, especially in evaluating noise, fade and rotor-wear performance.

INTIMA SUBJUGATOR pads are recommended to fit in commercial vehicles, passenger cars, trucks and so on. The features of higher wear & fade resistance mean longer performance life. Moreover, the powerful braking under extreme conditions and low compromise to noise, vibration or harshness are the most outstanding achievements. SUBJUGATOR subjugates all extreme conditions and certainly your heart.
1. Powerful Braking.
2. Plateau Friction Coefficient .
3. Higher Wear Resistance.
4. Excellent Fade Resistance.
5. Low Dust Means Clean Wheels.
6. High Thermal Stability, To Disc Temperatures of 400℃.
7. Average u 0.4 ~ 0.45.

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