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Photo GPS
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K-16 Photo GPS is a versatile user-friendly photo locator device. K-16 uses micro SD cards as storage so you can extend the storage capacity by as much as you like. Unlike other GPS photo locators, it does not need USB drivers and configuration software, simply use the card reader to upload the data to your PC. Recorded data can be used with most free geo-tagging software packages and web album services, such as Locr and Picasa. With ARKNAV K-16's help, organizing photos really is easy and hassle free.
1. Installation & configuration free.
2. Compatible with any micro SD cards.
3. Unlimited data storage capacity.
4. Complete GPS data be saved.
5. Supports Picasa, Locr and Google Panoramio.
6. Competitive price.

Hardware description:
1. Up to 24 hours operating time.
2. 4 LED indicators for GPS, memory, charge and low power.
3. Build in re-chargeable Li-ION battery.
4. High performance GPS chipset.
5. GPS data saving interval: 8 seconds (in power saving mode).
6. Small light-weight and compact design.
7. Micro SD up to 2 GB (1 GB could save up to 6 million locations).
8. TEXT data file format: longitude, latitude, altitude, time, speed and direction.

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