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In Vehicle Computers
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The IVC-900 is a fanless and compact, vehicle mounted industrial-grade computer for a wide range of commercial vehicle applications. A rich array of I/O connections makes the IVC-900 suitable for advanced tracking applications in delivery, fleet management, warehousing/logistics and more. A proactive monitoring system allows continuous I/O monitoring even when the vehicle is turned off, and time delays and event triggers can be set remotely. The slim 43mm ruggedized enclosure has heat dispensing cooling fins and is anti-vibration and dust proof. It provides active real-time GPS communication and data capture for mass market use in commercial and private vehicles to improve efficiency, productivity and security.
Benefits: 1. Build in ignition control (with override switch) for IVC-900 to operate in synchronization with the vehicle ignition state. 2. IVC-X1 independent monitoring system for continuous I/O monitoring when engine is off. 3. Build in GPS and GSM (3G/3.5G optional). 4. Hardware watchdog for GPS and GSM. 5. Remote configuration with programmable input/event triggers. 6. Build in 3 axes accelerometer provides excellent vibration detection. 7. Build in 9~36V DC power supply certified for road vehicle usage. 8. Direct COM port access to I/O control board MCU even when main power is off.

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