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Personal Trackers ( GPS Personal Tracking Devices)

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Personal Trackers ( GPS Personal Tracking Devices)
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R-33 is a sophisticated personal tracker built with the powerful and accurate uBlox LEA5S GPS module. Its robust casing reduces false alarms and makes it durable for carrying around day-to-day use.

When using R-33 with its optional large capacity battery and waterproof box, it can also be used as an asset tracker.

1. Criminal control.
2. Child care.
3. Chronically ill safety: dementia sufferer, senior people.
4. Outdoor recreation: travel, hiking, bike riding.
5. Rescue operations.
6. Animal tracking.
7. Safety of police force or security guard.
8. Military use: locate soldiers on the battlefields.
9. Sales/technical force management.
1. Latest uBlox LEA5S GPS module.
2. Panic button.
3. Stop-motion alert or park alert.
4. Sleep modes for power saving.
5. Speeding alert.
6. 10 geo-fenced areas.
7. Auto pick up in-coming calls.
8. 3 sets pre-set dial out tel. no.
9. Store up to 100K locations.
10. Location latitude/ longitude format: NMEA or WGS84 format (configurable).

1. Security companies.
2. Government authorities.
3. Medical care centers.
4. Nursing homes.
5. Outdoor equipment retailers.
6. Amusement parks, theme parks.

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