Swing Golf Inc.

Company Introduction

Swein is mould maker for small or middle size precision plastic parts. For example, comsummer electronic part, mobil phone, digital camera component, gear, hard ware, bottle, cap, gift set ... etc. Big size parts such as LCD TV or washing machine or water tank or garbage can are not suitable. We may inject PE , PP, Nylon, Acrylic , PS , high impact PS , ABS , POM and other engineering plastic material. Most of our injection machines are automatic production or robot release parts for stable quality purpose.

Swein offer customer extensive range of assembly service. No matter metal or plastic or rubber parts can be assembled together. So that you can save shipping volume and your labor cost. You also can call other parts from other suppliers for our assemly so that you might be pre- finding assembly problem in advance rather than you receiving wrong parts. ...

Contact us

Company Name :Swing Golf Inc.
Contact Person :Mr. Swing Chien
Address :No. 14, Lane 1176, Sec. 1, Kuo Chi Road
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-3-2201568
Fax :886-3-2200541