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Stroller Drop Testing Machines

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Stroller Drop Testing Machines
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Purpose of test: this tester is designed to simulate the motion of a stroller traveling up and down a set of stairs. It tests the overall strength and quality of the stroller as the front or rear wheels of the stroller are suspended and dropped.
1. Lift high above ground: 80-150mm. 2. Repetitive speed: 20 cpm (adjustable). 3. Test time: 0-999,999. 4. Available to test 2pcs of strollers at the same time. 5. One-touch operation functions are easy for test. A test result will show as soon as the test is complete. (1) Auto control the test force. (2) Max test time pre-set : once the pre-set level is reached, the machine stop automatically. (3) Auto end point: automatic detection of breakdown point while the test specimen breaks. (4) With warning alarm, loud audible signal to alert the user problems. 6. Dimension: 2000 x 1600 x 2700 mm (W x D x Hmm). 7. Weight: 700kg. 8. Conforms to national standard – meets national standard requirement.

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