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Computer Servo Universal Testing Machines

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Computer Servo Universal Testing Machines
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1. Easy to Operate - The machine is operated via the simple and ergonomic operation panel for easy setting. One-touch operation functions are easy for high productivity of tests.
2. Flexible Sample Testing - Specimens may be in rod, flat or form¡Ketc. Enable testing of various materials.
3. High Precision - Forces are measured with a precision within ±0.5% of indicated values. Adopt high accuracy and precision load cell to ensure test stabilities and low error.
4. Conforms to national standard - Meets ISO, ASTM, DIN, EN, GB, BS, JIS, CNS, UL...etc standard requirement.
5. Safety protection - Automatic detection of specimen breakdown point to protect the computer system and prevent load cell. It can be set in different safety capacity.
6. Speed - Adopt PLC automatic speed control device. Available in automatic and manual speed control.
7. Base - the machine is made of steel plant with hardened surface treatment. High strength, resistance of shakes.
1. Load capacity: 0 ~ 20Ton. 2. Driving method: 3HP AC servo motor/ servo driver via reducing motor, transmit by precision screw. 3. Test stroke: 1200mm. 4. Indicator: computer control system. 5. Accuracy: ±0.5%. 6. Test speed range: 0~150mm/min. 7. Crosshead speed and permitted force: full speed in rated capacity. 8. Spacing of crosshead for mounting grip: max. 1200mm. 9. Load cell: high precision. Japan N.T.S made or equivalent made in America. 10. Effective test width: 600mm. 11. Units of system selectable: (1) Force: kN, kg, lb, g, N, ton. (2) Elongation: mm, cm, inch. 12. Dimension - main body approx.: 1400x620x2200 (W) x (D) x (H)mm. 13. Dimension - control box Approx.: 1000x650x950 (W) x (D) x (H)mm. 14. Weight approx: 800 kg. 15. Power requirements: 3¡í, 220V/60HZ or 400V/50Hz.

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