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Electric Actuators

Product Name :
Electric Actuators
Model No :
MK Series
Target Markets :
Factory Location :
1. Power plant.
2. Water treatment.
3. Damper control equipment.
4. Refrigerating, air- conditioning system.
5. Air transfer equipment.
6. Food industry.
7. Petro-chemical industry.
1. Standard: (1) Watertight IP 65. (2) Torque switch can activate torque: switches to provide overload protection. (3) Mechanical position indicator. (4) Heater. (5) Hand wheel. (6) Two travel limit switches (can be adjustable in suitable rate.). 2. Options: (1) IP66, IP67, IP68. (2) Two auxiliary limit switches. (3) Potentiometer unit 1K Ohm. (4) Modulation control unit. a. Input:4~20mA.1~5VDC, 2~10 VDC. b. Output: 4~20mA DC. (5) Local-remote control unit including pushbuttons for local, remote open, close switch, these switches all with LED indicator. (6) Auto correction phase controller. (7) Magnetic contactor. (8) Transformer. (9) Mounting bracket or sockets are made according to iso5211 standard for mounting electric actuator with valve. (10) Digital opening percentage indicator.

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