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RO Systems

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RO Systems
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Under sink/ counter top:
1. LCD function:
(1) Filter change notice.
(2) TDS meter.
(3) Leaking detector shut-off water source & power.
(4) Auto flushing.
2. 5 Stage cartridge filter:
(1) Production: 540GPD (180GPD x 3pcs).
(2) High capacity booster pump with transformer: 110/220VAC.
(3) All quick fitting.
(4) Open without tools (unscrew) for easy maintenance.
(5) Flow rate:1.42 LPM.
(6) Dimensions: D50 x W29 x H53 cm.
(7) Weight: 15 kg.
3. Option:1 GPM UV lamp or Bio-ceramic is available.
1. Efficiency: 1.42 L/min. 540G/per day. 2. Pure water: drain water: 1:1. 3. Permeating time: Instantaneous. 4. Fresh & sanitary: fresh tasty (none needed tank). 5. Appearance: appealing elegant design. 6. Additional LCD control: LCD display functions consist of: TDS meter, filter change notice, auto flushing, leak detector and shut-off power & water source. 7. DIY Replacement: all quick fitting, no tools required. 8. Filter change: all quick-change filter, easy to change.

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