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TKV Series Filter Housings


1. Accepts SOE flat closed end SOE fin closed end or DOE style filter cartridges. 2. Accepts seven-10", 20", 30", 40" cartridges from and optimum choice for the various flow rates. 3. 7-around designs provide longer ...

Flow Series Filter Cartridges

Model : N/A

1. Pleated and high flow rates and dirt holding capacity. 2. Non-fiber releasing. 3. All polypropylene parts, polypropylene support layer, with thermal welding to minimize extractable.

Cabinet Softeners


Removable: calcium, magnesium, and other soluble elements cause by water hardness.

RO Membrane Housings

Model : #50

1. RO membrane housing. 2. With double o-ring, one is one the cap and the other one is on the head of the cup.

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