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Textile Cleaning Guns

Model : TYPE A, TYPE A-102

1. Most of the machine oil stains and dust on textile materials can be easily cleaned with the Tenluxe textile cleaning gun. 2. Aluminium.alloy structured type A is especilly designed for textile factories with large work-loads strong spray, ...

Textile Cleaning Guns

Model : B-1,B-2,B-3,B-4

1. Light-weight electric cleaning gun B-1 involves a totally different style of design. A stream-line Nylon outer shall, strong sprays with economic solvent exhaustion, and comfortable hand-hold are its specialties. Most suitable for textile ...

Tenluxe Tag Pin Gun Tag Pins And Needles

Model : C-1,C-2,C-3

Tenluxe tag pin gun is designed with simplified internal parts, is easy to maintain.

Mechanical Lubricant (For High Speed Knitting Machines)


Specially for high-speed circular knitting machine lubricant, volatile and contains cleaning detergent easily infiltrates the interior of the needle bed and forms a protective layer, reducing friction between needle and it's bed, prolonging ...

Trichloroethane And Naphtha

Model : T101,T102,T103

Trichloroethane is the currently one of the most utilise nonflammable cleaning solvent with the quickest cleaning speed, popularly used for textile cleaning gun. We prefer the qualities as following´╝Ü 1. least erosion on the internal parts of ...

Tenluxe Puffs

Model : P125

For removal of sewing machine oil and water stains from textile, silk etc. Spray from 10cm above the stained area. When dry, wipe clear the powder with dry towel, soft brush or vacuum.

Tenluxe Snaxin

Model : S101,S202,S303,S404

1. Snaxin products series (water rinse only) Some stains do not show a good result with the methods illustrated above but are easy to clean with Snaxin series. 2. Snaxin 101 decompose stains on textile materials such as yellow stains, blood, ...

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