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Ultra Light Type Air Shaft

Model : AA006

• Recommend for the rewinding application. • shaft is made of the high-strength carbon fibers. • The shaft weight is ultra light, approximately only quarter weight of regular air shaft. • Reduce the risk of worker injuries. • Meet regulations ...


Model : aa001

• Can increase the gripping force by elongate the lug element. • For full range of core sizes. • Rubber key, aluminum key or steel key is available for lug element according to the customer's demand. • Budget model. Recommend for the ...

Mechanical Differential Shaft

Model : bb002

• The spring or cylinder on shaft generates the force on Bakelite friction ring to adjust the torque on core and core slipping. The tension of web can be equalized and assure high quality output. • All differential shafts are ...

Pneumatic Differential Shaft

Model : bb001

• With proper air pressure maintained, the cores slip at controlled speed. The tension can stay in low and equal to assure the excellent output. • Slipping internally reduces the risk of damage by dust and lateral movement. • All ...

Multi Bladder Type Air Shaft

Model : Multi Bladder Type Air Shaft

Product Character •Recommend for rewinding/unwinding. •Easy maintenance. Replace bladder strips quickly and easily. •No need to remove the journal during the replacement of bladder. •Hard rubber elements are standard; aluminum ...

Leaf Type Air Shaft

Model : Leaf Type Air Shaft

Product Character •Recommend for rewinding work of narrow roll width, multiple cores or thin-wall cores. •Continuous leaf surface and 360-degree radial contact can provide excellent support and gripping force to thin wall core, and minimize the ...

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