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Stainless Steel Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue Dispensers

Model : A845

Type 304 stainless steel.

Toilet Seat Cleaners

Model : DC-405

Spry type of dispenser. 1. Refills: (1) SS-455 toilet seat sanitizer. (2) HS-453 hand sanitizer. 2. SS-455 toilet seat sanitizer. (1) Dimension 100 x 78 x 55mm (H x W x D). (2) Weight: 310g +- 5%. (3) Volume: 320ml +- 5%. (4) Dosage: ...

Sanitizer Dispensers ( For Urinal And Toilet)

Model : US-907

1. Similar to model US-906 except with LCD display and additional programming functions such as on/off setting, clock setting, *start/stop setting, spray interval setting and number of spray counter. 2. Auto default mode. 3. Low battery ...

Sanitizer Dispensers ( For Urinal And Toilet)

Model : US-910

1. With same function as US-907, but is programmable for days and times of operation. 2. Low battery indicator.

Sanitizer Dispenser ( For Urinal And Toilet)

Model : US-906

1. Easy programming with 7.5, 15 and 30 minutes interval. 2. Day, night and 24 hours operation setting. 3. Low battery indicator.

Stainless Steel Soap Dispensers

Model : A605

Vertical liquid soap dispenser.

Stainless Steel Soap Dispensers

Model : A600

Horizontal liquid soap dispenser.

Foam Soap Dispensers

Model : SD-402

1. Quick, uniform and complete coverage of user's hands. 2. Cost saving, approximately 1/3 soap delivered than normal soap ispenser. 3. Use concentrated liquid soap. Save storage soap space and shipping cost.

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