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Commercial Ro Units --- 800 GPD

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Commercial Ro Units --- 800 GPD
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1.Capacity :800 gals

2.Working Pressure :150-200 psi

3.Booster pump:1/2HP (S.Y.)

4.Material:TFC With FRP outer wrap.

5.Membrane Size*Unit:4021*1

6.Membrane Housing:Material-304 Stainless steel With Cap.

7.Membrane Housing:Size*Unit-4021*1

8.FLOW Meters:Pure Water Flow Metar/Waste Water Flow Meter.

9.Pressure Gauges :Feed Water Pressure/Booster Pump outlet Pressure Gauges.

10.Water Quality Indicator: TDS Meter With LCD.

11.Electrical Controls:Micro-Computer Control,Overload Breakers,LED Indicatros.

12Frames: Parts-SUS 304 Stainless Steel Main Frame.
Feed Water Requirements: 1.Feed Water pressure:>40PSI 2.Feed Water Temp:20~45C 3.Feed Water TDS:<1000PPM 4.SDI< 3 5.Turbidity<1 NTU 6.IRON<0.1PPM 7.PH:3~11 8.Oxidizer<0 PPM 9.Hardness<5 PPM

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