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Ball Bearings Roller Bearings And Mounted Bearing Units

Model : N/A

Product name: ball bearing, roller bearing and mounted bearing unit.

Cooper Split Bearings

Model : N/A

Split roller bearing + split, self-alignment, cartridge + split housing.

Redi Sleeves For Seals

Model : N/A

A precision stainless steel wear sleeve designed to be press fit on a shaft where seal wear, such as tracks or grooves, is evident.

Copper Split Bearings

Model : N/A

Split roller bearing + split self-alignment cartridge + split housing.

Transport Trolleys

Model : N/A

Each trolley is including of two versions, type F in which the cassettes are laterally adjustable, and type L with its steerable trolley.

Belt Drives

Model : 80S-216S

The motor, gearbox and bearings are totally enclosed and sealed inside a steel shell.

Hydraulic Pullers

Model : N/A

1. Product name: hydraulic puller. 2. With a built-in hydraulic pump.

Flat Sprays

Model : N/A

1. Spray pattern is a narrow ellipical/ oval or rectangular orifice shape. 2. Typical applications: asphalt or tar laying, bottle washing, coal and gravel washing, degreasing, dishwashing, foam control, industrial washers, metal ...

Split Seals

Model : Model 23

1. Exclusive molded-in stainless steel finger spring. 2. Standard nitrile element. 3. Optional fluoro elastomer element. 4. All rubber design.

Bowex Couplings


Bowex coupling consists of one polyamid sleeve with internal teeth and two steel hubs with external teeth.

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