Leslie Enterprises Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Leslie Enterprises Co., Ltd., a professional plastic factory from Taiwan. Our company is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and has almost 30 years of plastic producing experience. We have good facilities, specialized technique, and a strict QC system. More than that, the employees in our company are all very professional since we emphasize the importance of training and we do regular evaluation.

We also have our own ironworks, Shin Chi Chang Industrial Co., Ltd. Our stamping factory has been founded over 40 years and has abundant experiences in producing parts with high qualities. We not only be able to develop more products which customers require, but also can have better quality control with our manufactures since we can be assure that every steps of the producing process conform to our strict standard.

Our main products include injection molding, heat sinks, stamping parts, front panels, and we also develop to produce lamp products these years. Not only All In One service (molding, stamping, injection, and assembly), we also have our own great R&D department and are continuously looking for exceptional members to join us. With all these conditions, we are able to produce high quality products for our clients. As a professional manufacture, we are certified by UL certification in 1980, ISO 9001-2000 in 1999 and TS16949 in 2009.

For the past 30 years, we’ve been cooperated with many famous customers such as SONY, CHIME, JVC, ACER and HP. We do OEM for them and always can provide them the best service which meets their high standards. Our products are stable with reliable quality and competitive prices. Moreover, we have a very strict inspection system for every order; our customers are guaranteed to be offered a full range of products with speedy, reliable and full backup service.

We are very confident about our technique and always believe that we can make our clients satisfied with our service. Staying at ascendancy on quality and price is and always has been one of our main goals, and this consequently has become our philosophy. Knowing the importance of sourcing suppliers and importing products from Far East Asia needs high level inspection standard to make sure the good quality and on time delivery, our mission is to provide every one of our customers first grade service and an efficient working system on sourcing products, production control, quality administration, inspection and delivery arrangement. ...

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Company Name :Leslie Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Contact Person :Ms. Henny Huang
Address :No. 8, Chu Kung 2 Lane, Chu Ho Village,
Country :Taiwan Taiwan
Telephone :886-7-3712213
Fax :886-7-3718996